Things you should remember before confirming a client

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      1.Keep good records. Make sure you retain copies of all letters and emails you send to your clients as well as any other documents or                           information you receive from them.


       2.Keep good records on your own. You should maintain a file on every client you have as well as every employee you have working for you.


       3.Accordingly, you should keep at least three years worth of records on every client and at least six months worth of records on every employee.


       4. Always verify the addresses of all clients. Even if they give you the correct address, it's still a good idea to check to make sure that's really                   where they live.


       5.In addition, some clients will lie and give you an address that is not their "primary" or even their "only" address. Know what you're dealing                  with before you send a letter or make a phone call. If the client is using an online service to check their messages, be aware they may use                  more than one email address.


       6. Never send cash in the mail. Even if the client pays you in cash. Instead, always send an immediate electronic deposit of the money. That way,             you'll have a record of the transaction and you'll also have proof the money was received.


       7. If you are going to use a credit card to process a payment from a client, make sure you get the details of the credit card including the                        "security code". Some clients will give you the "security code" directly over the phone. Others will give it to you in an email message. Still                     others will give it to you in a written message. The important thing is to get it and to write it down. You'll need it later when you process the             credit card payment.


        8. Get the name, address and telephone number of everyone who responds to your ads or letters. And then, follow up with those people.



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