What is cryptocurrency and which is the best?


Crypto is a digital currency that allows you to buy and sell products and services easily and quickly. They can also be traded for profit and will enable you to earn money through recognized platforms. With electronic money, you can buy services and products online or in physical stores through more secure transactions without intermediaries.

It is a way to protect online transactions through crypto, and there are currently many virtual currencies. The first electronic currency to hit the market and the most popular is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the most traded virtual currency on the market, although, in 2021, it has achieved shaky rate actions. As of April of this year, it has reached close to $ 65,000 before losing half its value in May halving.

What are cryptocurrency or digital currencies?

Have you ever wondered what is cryptocurrency? It is an electronic or digital currency that allows online payments based on blockchain technology. This blockchain technology will enable them to be extended to computer systems responsible for registering them and operations.

Being protected by cryptography makes operations safer and impossible to forget. Digital assets have a decentralized structure and are not issued by any bank or government.

For you to store or exchange these digital currencies, you must have a digital wallet.

Some companies have launched their digital currencies, called tokens, onto the market. These tokens can also be exchanged for services or products offered by companies. To get an idea, you can think of casino chips or arcade chips.

You must exchange your tangible or real money for crypto assets to buy and access products or services. Thanks to their innovative and modern technology, they have become safer digital assets for investors.

How many cryptocurrencies are there? There are currently more than 10,000 thousand different cryptocurrencies that are openly traded. Although not all of them are popular and well-known among investors and backers, one of the most popular and most sold globally is Bitcoin.

According to market research and virtual currencies sites, as time passes, more cryptocurrencies keep appearing. By May 27 of this year, the total value of all virtual currencies was greater than 1.7 trillion dollars.

According to the records, this value was below the maximum of April, which was 2.2 trillion dollars.

The total value of all bitcoins was established at $ 735 billion, a value below what was reflected in April, which was $ 1.2 trillion.

The best cryptocurrencies available today

As mentioned, the best cryptocurrency and the one popular worldwide is Bitcoin. The second most traded digital asset after Bitcoin is Ethereum. This is a decentralized digital platform with blockchain technology, and its token is called Ether (ETH).

Below you will be able to know the ten most popular commercial electronic currencies for their commercialization in the market:

• Bitcoin

• Ethereum

• Tether

• Binance Coin

• Cardano


• Dogecoin

• Polkadot

• USD Coin

• Internet Computer

Crypto assets have many advocates because they provide many advantages to their investors; one advantage is that they facilitate fund operations without a third party. Transactions made with digital currencies are protected by public and private keys and other security methods.