Check out the list of four significant cryptocurrencies



Let’s see the meaning of crypto currencies before getting into the alternatives. A cryptocurrency is a form of digital money that has taken the shape of tokens. Cryptocurrency has entered this industry through credit cards, while there are many that are still intangible. The term crypto refers to the complex encryption that has enabled the process of transactions so smooth at the decentralized platform. They are made in the form of code that includes methods for issuance and other restrictions.


Cryptocurrency has risen in popularity irrespective of the fact that it is not under the manipulation of the government. The cryptocurrencies that have arrived after Bitcoin are named Altcoins. They are said to be the better form of Bitcoin. But they are not capable of handling the security as compared to what Bitcoin has. We are going to see few other options than Bitcoin.  




Ether was founded in 2015, and ethereum comes second after Bitcoin. It is a decentralized blockchain network where you do not require any other’s permission to create transactions and new applications. It is another cryptocurrency just as Bitcoin, where you can trade and purchase things online. These apps are not identical to other apps the phone has. The applications are related to loans and payments. Ethereum is powered by ether which serves as a mode of transportation on the network. It is utilized by the developers who want to create an application. Ethereum is also run by investors who are interested in buying different kinds of currencies with ether.




Litecoin was founded by Charles Lee in 2011. It is also an independent authority free from other governmental restrictions. It varies from Bitcoin in several ways, including its quicker block creation rate and usage in algorithms. It is a worldwide payment network that is completely decentralized. Lee has created Litecoin because he noticed some flaws in bitcoin; to address them, Litecoin was developed. Litecoin has been ranked in the top twenty most valuable cryptocurrencies when we talk about their value. But Litecoin still lags behind Bitcoin.




Cardano was developed by professionals using a research-based approach. Charles Hoskison was the project’s co-founder. He quit Ethereum after various issues arrived in its direction. Later he helped to build Cardano. Its blockchain was developed after intensive testing and research. It has the most significant procedure that is why different from another cryptocurrency. It has surpassed Ethereum in many ways, but still, it will take time in financial applications. It was made to do the same working as Etereum and currently stands at position sixth among others.




Polkadot is a one-of-a-kind coin that aims to provide connectivity between the blockchains. It allows the systems to work under one platform because their protocols can connect to with and without permission’s blockchain. Its chain is the most important feature provided as it enables the different networks to communicate with each other. The feature which differentiates Polkadot from other cryptocurrencies is the establishment of blockchains and still getting benefits from the security provided by the chain.